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Nadia Isabel Yoga

Integrating ancient spiritual practices into 21st century life.

Learn how to develop your yoga practice, deepen your yoga practice or take your first steps onto the yoga mat: I will guide you on your journey...

Is your relationship with food and/or your body stopping you from living to your fullest potential? I can help guide you to a life free of eating and body issues. 

Nadia Isabel

I am an international yoga and meditation teacher, eating disorder counsellor, writer, and speaker. I integrate ancient spiritual practices into 21st Century life, teaching the world how to live a more peaceful and meaningful life. 

My classes remind us to be the rebels of society, and step off the treadmill of productivity and out of the rat-race. I offer a safe space for my students to give themselves permission to slow down, providing a toolbox for 21st century life.


Through grounding breath work and creative, intuitive sequences, I hold space for my students to nurture and listen to the subtle feedback of their own body and mind.  

As well as being a yoga instructor - trained with The Julie Montagu School of Yoga - I am also a professional dancer and musical theatre performer.

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“Nadia's class is delivered at a great pace and she always allows you to do what feels right for your body. I have felt intimidated by yoga in the past but in this class I feel good about myself and enjoy the time to work on my body and my mind. Nadia is a fantastic teacher; I encourage you to try one of her classes." 

“Nadia's classes are grounding and stretching, with interesting sequences and her instruction is very clear. She has a personal warmth that distinguishes her. I will always practice with Nadia.”

“The pace she moves at with the class is a great workout but without being too fast or complicated – it helped me perfectly to regain that love. All classes I’ve joined have been full of light and positivity throughout every pose, zero judgement on ability and lots of variations for each pose to match up to what your body needs."

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